Village emergency plan

by Ivor Hayward

The Parish Council, in conjunction with Wiltshire Council, has created a plan of action in case of emergency. The plan aims to provide healthcare and safety to residents should a situation arise.

Such an emergency may be caused by severe weather, utility failure, pandemic, disasters.

If you are a registered first-aider, or have other qualifications which you consider may be suitable to help as part of this strategy plan, please contact the Parish Council. You can be assured you would only be asked to help in an emergency situation.


Flooding - emergency equipment (petrol water pumps, gel sacks, road signs) are available from the emergency co-ordinator. Link to local river levels.

Medical - A defibrillator can be found in the old public telephone box at Hillside. First aid kits are located at All Saints Church and the Old Chancel.

(Earlier article)

Further to the request in the December 2015 / January 2016 edition of the village magazine for volunteers to help in case of a village emergency, thank you to those who have offered their help, however more volunteers would ease the load on the few.

If you feel you could help by use of four wheel drive vehicles, petrol driven pumps / chainsaws or medical experience please contact or ring 01285 869449.

Further to this in reply to a frequently asked question, the details of any volunteers will only be held by the designated village emergency coordinator who will be the only point of contact in any such emergency.



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